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80% of dogs over 3 years old present dental problems. As soon as the adult teeth are in place, day after day, dental plaque starts covering the enamel of our animals’ teeth just as it does our own.

Plaque is formed from food debris and dangerous bacteria. These multiply and start destroying the gum and bone in which the tooth sits. The gums and teeth will then be painful, the animal will start salivating more and will develop bad breath.

Scaling allows us to break up and remove dental plaque and the tartar which has already formed on the teeth. It must be followed by polishing which will make the tooth surface smooth and flat. Our clinic is equipped with a dental care unit enabling scaling, polishing and various other minor dental procedures.

Dental plaque prevention requires various types of care:

  • The first is tooth brushing and/or contact with an abrasive element (such as chewing strips) which help break plaque and tartar mechanically, as they form.
  • The second consists of an antiseptic solution, which helps reduce the development of bacteria. Plaque will still form but at a much slower rate. Scaling and the vital annual check ups can therefore be performed less frequently.

A systematic oral and dental examination is performed in our clinic at each yearly vaccination visit. Moreover, our nurses are available at reception to help you choose the most appropriate means of prevention according to your pet’s breed and age.