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Skin diseases are common in cats and dogs. There are many causes, including parasites, bacterial infections, allergies… Symptoms are often unspecific. Often, the animal will be itchy, it may suffer from hair loss, or even present with wounds or scabs.

Diagnosis requires a number of simple complementary examinations (hair plucks, skin scrapes, direct impression smears, blood tests) or slightly more invasive ones (biopsies) in order to identify the aetiology and determine the most appropriate treatment. The clinic is equipped with a binocular microscope allowing us to do most of the examinations on site. Biopsies are sent to a specialized laboratory.

Dermatological treatments are unfortunately often very long and tiresome (frequent shampooing for example) and require very high owner compliance. Regular monitoring is also essential as a lot of skin diseases are chronic in nature.

Amongst the most common disorders, otitis is considered to be a totally separate entity. Otitis externa is the most common condition (as opposed to Man who suffers essentially from otitis media, located on the other side of the tympanic membrane). These types of otitis frequently progress in chronic fashion due to breed predispositions (cockers, bulldogs, labradors). There are also several factors which tend to increase the risk of developing otitis such as repeated baths. Taking into account the anatomical particularities of the dog’s ear, a number of otitis cases will progress chronically if good ear care is not provided, especially if ears are not well cleaned. The clinic has educational resources available to explain and educate the owners to clean ears as well as possible. If it proves difficult, the nurses are there to offer additional explanation and help in the cleaning process, without which no healing would be possible.