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Preventative medecine / Nutrition

Human medecine endeavours more and more to screen for diseases in order to give the best chance of total recovery, lighter treatment and thus fewer associated side effects and an optimization of life span.

This preventative medecine also applies to our pets, in any stage of their life and especially when they become older.

Therefore, as of 8 years old, a yearly bood test (mini-check up) is advised. It can be easily performed during the vaccination consultation. Our clinic is equipped with a laboratory enabling us to perform most biological and haematological examinations. Owners can therefore benefit from the results, with comments by the treating veterinary, only minutes after the blood test is performed.

Geriatric consultation is generally part of a specific general visit, adapted to your animal’s age. Clinical examination is followed by various complementary tests:

  • Blood test
  • Urine analysis
  • Arterial pressure measurement
  • Imagery if appropriate (radiography, ultrasound)

More generally speaking, special attention will be given to cat and dog nutrition, from their youngest age, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Nutrition determines, indisputably, the maintenance of good health and may help prevent certain diseases, so long as it is well balanced and given in appropriate quantities.

The clinic offers several physiological ranges (for daily maintenance) or nutritional ranges (for specific health requirements).

The entire team is especially aware of offering you the best advice, according to your needs, your animal’s preferences and potential pathologies in order to keep your pet healthy and at the correct weight.

We are also able to analyse your pet’s current diet and calculate the most appropriate quantities for your animal.