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Referred surgery

Certain surgical procedures require specific expertise or equipment. Doctor Maynard has, for over 30 years,  been consulting and carrying out surgical procedures for a number of colleagues – referring veterinaries. Post-op care can be entrusted to our clinic or to the treating veterinary.

The bulk of these cases consists of orthepedic surgeries following fractures, sprains or luxations. Thus, the most common procedure performed in the clinic is ruptured cranial cruciate ligament repair.

Bone repair techniques call upon specific setting equipment and implants, identical to those used in Man. They are comprised mainly of screwed plates and external fixators.

They may also include procedures of a neurological nature, mostly herniated discs causing acute paralysis, which generally constitute surgical emergencies.

For all these procedures, the clinic is equipped with appropriate anaesthetic and reanimation systems. Our ambition is to prevent as far as possible the side effects of anesthesia to be able to send our patients home as quickly as possible and therefore reduce hospitalization time. Moreover, Doctor Maynard holds a diploma in Pain Management. This aspect is an absolute priority in all the surgery we carry out.